Sunlake Estates Book Signing

The first reading and signing of my new book, Winder Hollow, was on April 20, 2010 at Sunlake Estates in Grand Island, Florida. It was a great experience for me. The turnout was impressive. It was exciting to showcase Winder Hollow right here among friends and neighbors, who have supported my writing efforts from the beginning and expressed interest in the final product even before it was in print. It was quite rewarding to see the facial expressions of the audience, as I read my book aloud. I was encouraged by the number of people who bought copies of Winder Hollow that very day. For those of you who missed the April 20th book signing, there will be more in the future. I look forward to meeting you at the next one. Please come out and visit. In the meantime, send me your feedback on Winder Hollow.

I thought Winder Hollow was an enjoyable story with true-to-life characters that sometimes brought a tear to your eye. It was a fast moving story that held your attention and made it hard to put down. Looking forward to your next book.

–Connie Harrison

In his book, Winder Hollow, R. F. McClure brought the mountains of West Virginia and its people to life so vividly that it makes the reader wish to have lived there.

–Gonul Erken

Upcoming Events

"What's New!"

I traveled to St. Augustine, FL. this last September 24th , to attend the Florida Heritage Book Festival. While there, I had the opportunity to network with fellow authors and aspiring writers, which is, as always, and extra bonus in addition to the very informative workshops. The keynote speaker, Robert N. Macomber, was a joy to listen to and very inspiring to many.

"Upcoming Workshop and Book Signing"

I will be attending the Florida Writer's Association 2010 Writers Conference Workshops, in Lake Mary, FL. on October 22nd through the 24th. While there, I will be attending various workshops in pursuit of honing my craft as a writer. And I will be having a book signing event for the sale of my book, Winder Hollow.

"Great News!"

My book, Winder Hollow, was juried by a panel of West Virginia published authors and has been accepted, for sale, in the bookstore at West Virginia's premier, Artisan Craft Center, Tamarack. The book is currently on sale at the craft center. Tamarack is located approximately 1/4 of a mile south of Beckley, West Virginia on I-77 (West Virginia Turnpike). I will be holding a book signing event at this location on October 29, 2010, 11:0 AM until 4:00 PM. Come visit the Almost Heaven State. While there, Visit Tamarack, where the best of the best West Virginia artisans have their products on display. The spectacular Tamarack is located deep within the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Come visit, they'll leave the latch string out for ya.

"More Happenings in West Virginia"

Upon leaving Tamarack, I will be traveling to central West Virginia to the picturesque Hamlet of Webster Springs. While there, I will be visiting the Webster Springs Library, where I will donate copies of my book Winder Hollow.

Webster Springs is also blessed to be the home of: The Addison Visitors Center and Gallery, which is located on the main street in the center of downtown. The Gallery is host to many of the most talented artisans of the region who craft their products with a keen eye to perfection. I am proud to announce that I, too, will have my book Winder Hollow, displayed and for sale at this prestigious Gallery.

A trip to this part of West Virginia and especially, Webster Springs, surrounded by majestic, forested mountains, and anchored to the valley floor by the picturesque vistas offered by the Elk River as it carves its way through the valley is a must journey, and well worth your time in search of life as it used to be.

R. F. McClure

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